Machinery, Mold & Tooling

Years of experience work on Metal Work Projects, our department has developed the precision quality on Machinery, Mold and Tooling. We can handle many functions including die design and mold manufacturing with decades of experience. Our department has been manufacturing Custom Molds for the satisfy Customer all over the world

Customize Your Need


We can manufacture your Custom Tools, Dies and Molds to your specifications. We are set up to produce new molds from your CAD files, or reverse engineer existing parts. Because we have decades of experience in manufacturing, we are very proficient at reverse engineering many parts.Digital data files and computerized machining are process on our 3D design software platforms and used almost exclusively for tooling of Custom molds.

For the mold and Tooling products, we offer “In-House Production” and “Export Die” solutions to meet your need.

Mold for Injection Product
Molding of Automotive Radiator
Molding of Industrial valves
Molding of Miniature gears & Battery packs


Mold for Sheet Metal Product
Molding of Brass, Aluminum and Special alloys
Molding of Deep Drawn Stamping
Molding of Progressive Stamping
Molding of Investment Stamping


Mold for Metal Casting and Die Casting Products
Molding of Zinc (Die Casting, Sand Casting)
Molding of Forging
Molding of Die Casting
Molding of Investment Casting
Molding of Sand Casting

All types of production machine are available for selling.



Send us your next custom tooling project for a free reference quote from our factory.  Our team is waiting to serve your needed and we guarantee you will be impressed with the savings and quality!


Sales Division / Department III

(Machinery, Mold and Tooling Specialist)
5th Floor, # 6-4 Tien-Mu East Road,
Taipei, Taiwan 11153 Republic of China

營業部 第二課 (專營 專營 機械 & 模具)
台北市 士林區 天母東路 6-4號 5樓
Sales Tel: +886-2-2876-2731  (Ext. 110)
Fax: +886-2-2872-3287

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