Dynamic Customer Satisfaction and Dynamic Working Environment-

We have Customer in different field group such as Automotive OEM & Service Parts, Aerospace and Electronic appliance spare parts. Focus、Speed、Innovation、Consulting Team,providing technology、Codenaming、Service,in order to provide the Customer to constrate on Sales and Marketing. We have the ability to accept different demands of products, produce instrument tools, provide commission-based service and et cetera. We continue to expand our products and exchange trade information so our reputation and business network proliferates across the world. Our 25 years of experience and network in trade has helped us to maintain a very close relationship with our overseas Customers. For example, through OEM design drawing, product development, engineering assistance and many other projects have helped us to establish good interactions with the Customer.
TESORO moving into the 21st century - Commercial trend is becoming internationalized and liberalized in Taiwan as we are ready to face the challenge and flexibility. That is why all TESORO staffs line together with positive spirit and seek new opportunity. In the future, we will continue to provide the high quality product that meets our Customers and friends’ need.


Sales Division Department I

SD1" focuses on spare parts for automotive OEM, ODM and aftermarket. We believe they are still many potential areas we can look into in the automobile spare parts market; and thus, SD1’s most important task is providing multi-directional products and service that are in demand. Also, having high sensitivity to market change is a must when providing the newest product information.



Sales Division Department II

"SD2" focuses on industry OEM, ODM & aftermarket hardware. Industry hardware development usually involves complex manufacture production steps and high defective rate. This challenge carries out in “tooling, casting and assembly".



Sales Division Department III

"SD3" focuses on turn key project and Machinery.


Department of Shipping & Logistics (SLD)

Logistics is often seen as the shipping or cargo department. Along with global integration, the transportation process has fastened and developed an advanced transportation network. To help each sales division and provide better Customer satisfaction, the shipping department is dedicated to assist sales team to act swiftly of delivering goods and services.


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