Branding for excellence

At TESORO, we are committed to providing the highest level of performance in service and top quality products to our Customers. We serve diverse markets such as Automotive, Industrial, Novelty, and Electric markets and growing segments within those markets. We are doing our best on helping to lead the way – as we have for the passed years and expanding in product quality, faster response, variety trading information and our friendship around the world.

All of TESORO members work hard under our advisory leader Mr. Scott J. Sun, who set the standard and goal to meet our Customers' expectations. Our Customers count on us to provide quality products that help their business perform more effectively, cut the cost reasonably, work more productively and make the most of their profit in their market places. We have always believed that our success grows from our direct and focused relationship with our Customers.

Due to our over 25 history in researching and high quality manufacturing, we have developed close relationships with many OEM Customers in different areas. To this, we have achieved preferred supplier designations from many OEMs. Our Customers trust and work closely with us through product design, tooling designs, collaborative arrangements to design and manufacture application-specific products.

Today, we continue to perform strongly in serving our Customer with quality products. Our products are used in a wide variety of applications in over 30 countries worldwide. We understand there are more challenges and changes among world business. Business interaction is fast moving beyond quality and price. TESORO is counting on providing high-speed respond and 21st century quality product that meets our Customers and friends' needs.


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